Princess Diana, Princess of Wales


Princess Diana, Lady Diana

 ::: 1961  Princess Diana  1997 :::

This webproject is in memory of Lady Diana,
Princess of Wales,
to honor this kind and warm women,
and to invite you to enjoy various free digital media
about Diana.
Furthermore you can find here special topics
about the "Queen of Hearts"




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* is an interrelated sistersite of and It`s a multimediaproject with many free digital media round about Princess Diana like videoclip, audioclip, wallpaper, screensaver, calendar, Jigsaw puzzle, crossword, stationery, fotoshow, eCard (greeting cards with dianapictures) photos, photovoting, memory games, photoquizzes, knowledge quizzes, photohunt, freecell, solitaire ... and special topics and themes about Dianas hole life and death - all for free download and online playing.   Partnersites:  onLINE-Erlebnispä  

**  All our Princess Diana websites are completely uncommercial, pure prvate, without any economic use and advertising-free - just to honor Princess Diana



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