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This is what the world saidThis is what the world said

Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd:
“I thank God for giving me Diana. My heart says thanks to all for their prayers, flowers and letters and for the endless thoughtful kindness towards Diana. I pray for her and for the two men that died with her. I thank God that he gave me Diana as a gift and for her personality that was able to love and give. I give her back to God with my love, my pride and my admiration. Rest in peace.”  

Prince Charles:
“It took me 3 ½ hours to take in what has happened, to sort my thoughts. Then I went to my sons and told them, as cautiously as possible, that their mother will never come home.”  

Queen Elizabeth II:
“Since we heard the sad news, we all tried on Balmoral to help William and Harry to cope with this horrible loss. Nobody who knew Diana will ever forget her.”

Sarah, Duchess of York:
“I have lost a sister. Diana was my best friend. Her personality will never be replaced.”
Mohamed Al Fayed:
These deaths are horrible and they are senseless. The world has lost a princess who is simply irreplaceable.”
Mother Teresa who died on 05/09/1997:
“Diana was a wonderful woman and mother. She helped wherever there was poverty and suffering. All nuns will pray for her and her children. I am in deep grief.”

President of the British Red-cross Cornelio Sommaruga:
“Diana’s commitment for the abolishment of anti-personnel landmines has helped the campaign to greater attention worldwide. “

Pope Johannes Paul II:
“I feel deep grief and sadness about the sudden death of Princess Diana.”
The Dutch Queen Beatrix:
“I am profoundly shocked. My thoughts are with the relatives.”
King Carl Gustaf XVI. and Queen Silvia of Sweden:
“We are deeply sorry about what has happened and the horrible circumstances the princess has lost her life in. The Princess of Wales has brought light into an often dark world.”

Albert, Prince of Monaco:
“This is a horrible tragedy, not only for her family and for Great Britain, but also for rest of the world. She was such a generous human-being.”

England’s prime minister Tony Blair:
“I have cried. She was a people’s princess, and that’s what she will remain- in our hearts and in our memory forever. But without her smile, the world is a darker place. The whole country is in shock. Diana had a sympathetic, wonderful personality.”

Former US president Bill Clinton:
“Hillary and I are deeply saddened about Diana’s death. We liked her particularly much. Our thoughts are with her family and her two sons.”

Former first lady Hillary Clinton:
“I will miss the pride in her voice, when she discussed her sons. I will miss how she talked about people whom she was trying to help. And I will miss admiring her how she tried to live an upright life with her own rules. The shadows are long today, since we lost a light that was shining brightly and softly.”

Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl:
„With shock and grief I heard of the tragic death of the princess. Many people in Germany liked her because of her open personality and her humanitarian commitment.”

The French president Jacques Chirac:
“With great shock, I heard of the cruel death of Princess Diana. She was a young woman of our time, warm-hearted and full of life.”

The former Russian president Boris Jelzin:
“I offer my deepest condolences to the whole British nation. The humanitarian work of the Princess of Wales is unique. She was one of the most active in this field.”

Australia’s former president John Winston Howard:
“The death of Princess Diana under such tragic circustances shocks and saddens all Australians.”
South-Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela:
“Princess Diana will be missed as a warm and sympathetic personality who always had a heart for others.
The official statement of the Chinese government in Peking:
“We are shocked about the death of Lady Diana and express the relatives our condolences.”
“When I heard of the accident, I cried: God, let her live!”

Michael Jackson:
“I am devastated by the death of Diana. I offer my deepest condolences to her family as well as to her two sons William and Harry.”  

Elton John:
“She was a “Princess next door”, a human-being in the midst of the people. I have already known her before her marriage to Prince Charles. She was a wonderful human-being.”

Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti:
“I am sitting her and I am crying the whole day long.”

Elizabeth Taylor:
“I am shocked. I feel deepest grief. Why could they not let Diana live? Nobody was so convinced of our good purpose as Diana.”

Cindy Crawford:
“Dodi was the boyfriend, Diana had been looking for all her life. I have known Diana for a long time. I have never seen her so relaxed and happy as in the last months.”

Giorgio Armani:
“With the death of the princess we have lost a huge icon for fashion and style of our time, but also a woman who had the rare capability to make people dream. But she also had the ability to use her image and her popularity to help other people. I am deeply saddened by her death.”



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