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The world of tearsThe world of tears

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Preface: We have been considering it for a long time whether to include this topic in our collection. But in the end, we decided that it should not be forgotten, how much Diana was suffering in her bad times, and how unhappy she often was.
Diana just reached the age of 20, when she married Prinz Charles. She was in love with her husband and wanted to be happy together. Short after the marriage she discovered that her husband hadn’t given up the relationship with Camilla. Charles, who was trained to think couldn’t understand the emotions and Dianas feelings about his liaison with Camilla that caused trouble. Diana tried in her own way everything possible to brighten up her marriage and her husband. But she failed over and over again. Certainly there were happy situations in their young marriage but Diana was unhappy and she showed her pain in tears. In her desperation she draw her attention to two other men who at least gave her a little bit of love which she desperately needed. In the nineties, Princess Diana had even more problems. Her marriage with Prince Charles was virtually over. Her adulterous affair with James Hewitt was revealed. He betrayed her and sold the book Princess in Love. He was not the only one, who had betrayed Diana. Alleged friends also sold details to newspapers. The people, called “her enemies at court” by Diana, wanted her to disappear from public life after her separation from Charles. But Diana was dreaming of a role as an unofficial ambassador of the crown: ”Where there are problems, that is where I want to be. I want to help people in need.” Her enemies tried everything to ruin Diana’s reputation. Every step of Diana was observed, many scandals, such as Diana is mad, New love affair with…, Diana under suspicion, Diana’s telephone terror could be found in the papers. Diana was not able to bear the pressure any longer. The world became a witness of Diana bursting into tears repeatedly. She just had no strength left.



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