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The smile of the world

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There are many princesses in this world. But none of them was like her. Even almost 8 years after her death, she still is the favourite princess of millions of people around the globe. Until now, nobody has managed to conquer the world like she did. Princess Diana enchanted the whole world with her smile. She was a young lady, who looked into the camera shy, but also warm-hearted, when her relationship to the young Prince of Wales was revealed. She was called Shy Di and everyone thought: this is the right one. She was full of life, natural and spontaneous. With her smile, her facial expressions, gestures and her charm, she was able to move people all over the world. And this was not a royal, artificial smile. It came right from her heart and was full of warmth. Princess Diana showed the world her tears and her smile and this was what made the Princess so sympathetic. She had the ability to signalise people with her smile: I like you and it made them feel special. Her butler Paul Burell once said: I will never forget it- this chuckling, always happy giggling.

Diana, we too miss your smile.



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