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The queen of fashionThe queen of fashion

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At the beginning of her marriage, Diana allowed the royal advisers to choose her clothing. Therefore, she was sometimes dressed in a rather old-fashioned way. But as time was passing, Diana found her own style. She also changed her hairstyle very frequently. Millions of women drove their hairdressers crazy because they always wanted to have the same hairstyle as Diana had. Diana became an idol for many women. Independent of whether she was wearing, narrow, figure-hugging cocktail dresses, suits whose skirts often ended above the knee or her narrow sports trousers: Diana had become Englandís great fashion icon. Following the style of the princess, many women discovered soft fabrics, such as satin and lace. Diana combined young fashion with royal glamour. Apart from that, Diana was wearing hats. Even before that, all ladies had used to wear hats to special events, but Diana brought a fresh style to hat wear. Even when sometimes dressed casual in private, Diana always represented the fairy tale princess.  



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