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The princess of jewelleryThe princess of jewellery

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Every woman loves beautiful jewellery. Diana was no exception. She possessed the most beautiful and valuable jewellery that one can only imagine. Prince Charles gave her beautiful sapphire jewellery, set with flawless diamonds. Apart from these Diana was allowed to wear many invaluable items of jewellery from the Crown Jewels belonging to her mother-in-law. Yet Diana only received these antique treasures on loan and had to return them after every outing. But the Princess also bought herself beautiful pieces of jewellery. For example she especially loved watches from Cartier. But Diana also had no problem in wearing trendy fashion jewellery. Sometimes she had fun by wearing fake pearls with imitation diamonds made from glass to her appointments! All women envied the Princess and her newest luxury, and didn't guess that it had only cost a couple of pounds. The only things she prefered not to wear were diadems and crowns. They were too heavy for her and uncomfortable, as they had to be fixed tightly to her hair using many pins. Besides this Diana had to aquire an bolt upright posture and couldn't make any spontaneuos movements. "I had to practise that for weeks in front of a mirror", she said. Despite this the Princess of Wales looked simply enchantingly beautiful when wearing a diadem.



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