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The last hours

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9:30 h: Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed have their breakfast on the Yacht Jonikal.

12:00 h: Diana und Dodi leave the Yacht and went to the airport Olbia.

13:34 h: They depart in a privat jet. The Press informs their colleagues in Paris.

15:20 h: The aeroplane lands in Paris at the airport Le Bourget. The couple gets picked up by the chauffeur Philippe Dourneau. Henri Paul protects the couple with an other airplane. The press chases after them. They got rid of the press and visit the mansion Windsor.

16:35 h: Diana and Dodi arrive in the Ritz hotel and recover in a luxurious suite. Diana gets a few presents for Harrys Birthday. After that she spends some time at a hair dresser.

19:00 h: Princess Diana and Dodi drive to Dodis Apartment.

21.30 h: Diana and Dodi reserved a table in a luxurious restaurant called “Chez Benoit”. Because of the photographers they cancel this dinner and make their way towards the hotel Ritz which provides better safety.

21:50 h: The couple arrives at the Ritz hotel followed by a crowed of photographers. They wanted to have a quiet dinner in the restaurant but caused so much attention that they went up to their suite. 

22.07 h: The vicarious safety boss Henri Paul, who is not on duty any more arrives at the Ritz hotel. He has been asked to drive the couple to their apartment. Paul kills he time in the lobby and the hotel bar.

00.17 h: Di and Dodi finished with their dinner and plan to go in Dodis flat near the Champs-Élysées. They leave through the back entrance to bluff the press. On the front entrance the Mercedes in which the couple arrived at the Ritz leaves without Diana and Dodi.

00.20 h: The hired Mercedes, with Paul on the steering wheel, bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones on the front passengers seat and Diana and Dodi in the back leaves the hotel. But a few photographers couldn’t be tricked and followed the car.

00.23 h: The Mercedes reaches the tunnel de l'Alma. In this tunnel is a speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour, Paul drives way too fast. The Mercedes collides with a white fiat car. Just seconds later the driver lost control over the car. It collides against the 13th middle post of the tunnel and afterwards against the wall. Dodi al Fayed and Paul are immediately dead. 

00.26 h: An emergency call reaches the fire brigade.

00.32 h: The first ambulance arrives on the scene. During the next ten minutes doctors and paramedics follow. One doctor who by chance passed by already assisted in first aid. Photographers still continue to take pictures of the scene.

01.20 h: The ambulance with Diana is on ist way to the hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière, after the doctors tried to stabilise her. The emergency concept in France says that life rescue issues have to be taken immediately and not to take the person to a hospital first. During the drive Dianas state is going down. Her heart collapses and the doctors reanimate.

02.01 h: The ambulance reaches the hospital. And Diana is brought to a surgeon room. She suffers from heavy inside bleedings. She has a vein cut who needs to be fixed. But suddenly her heart stands still. The doctors try to get Diana back in live with a heart massage. The fight is fought for five hours. 

03.57 h: The Princess is declared death.

05.00 h: Journalists are called for a press conference to the hospital. They are informed over the Princess death after the family and the British premier minister Tony Blair has been called.



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