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The Fight for the needyThe fight for needy ones

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If you think, that Diana was only a beautiful, rich princess you are wrong. Of course she loved travelling to foreign countries, being the centre of public life. But on many of these events Diana wanted to collect money. Money for the sick, money for the poor, money for children who needed help so desperately. With Diana’s help the theme of “charity” gained a total new meaning. Members of the royal family had always visited charitable institutions. But Diana was really interested in the suffering, interested in the chances for their healing. She wanted to know everything exactly, wanted to know how to help best. Diana was dancing on many balls that cost an entrance fee of up to 10 000 Euros. She put her most beautiful clothes up for auction for 3 million Euros. And all this money she donated for people who needed it desperately. Countless people she provided with hope in their darkest moments. She hugged leprosy and Aids sufferers. She did not shy away from showing the world that by such an embrace nobody catches the disease. During the last months of her life Diana dedicated a lot of her time for fighting against landmines. Even though she caught a lot of criticism from politics. No one else out of the royal realm had gone so far. After Diana’s death the royals had to learn a lot about humanise their actions with their people. The publicity Diana caught, they couldn’t catch up with so far.

A selection of the charities, Diana was involved with: ballet, music, theatre, opera, the handicapped, the blind, the deaf, drug addicts, education, children, medicine, museums, the homeless, senior citizens, pre-school education.



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