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Preface: "We and Diana"Preface:"We and Diana"

When Lady Diana married her prince in 1981 millions of people from all parts of the world were sitting in front of their television sets. Many were fascinated by the innocent, young and shy fairytale princess. The wedding was wonderful, yes, as wonderful as it could only happen in a fairytale.  And who does not like dreaming of fairytales with a princess. We were able to take part in Diana’s life, her happiness and her sadness. No other personality in public life came close to Diana’s huge popularity. But why were so many people in the whole world so fascinated by Diana’s magic? Probably the reason was that in the course of her far too short life, Diana had to go to many trials in live. She was no fairytale princess. No, she was a woman who had desires, dreams, fears, depression, marriage problems and much more. Diana had lived through all of this. Diana did not pretend to only be a “Royal Highness”. She was a human-being who admitted to her problems and she confessed to adultery, when Charles returned to his mistress. She told the whole world that she was suffering from bulimia. When she had to cry, she cried and she had the capability to honestly show her sympathy. But again and again she also provided us with things to dream about. She lived in castles, had beautiful jewellery, wore the most beautiful dresses, and she became more beautiful each year. We loved and admired Diana so much. For many of us she was like a soul mate. Selflessly, she fought for the weak and the poor, for the sick and for drug-addicts, for children and human problems.

Princess Diana: “I have got the gift to give love. And I am going to use this gift.”



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