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Diana - the motherDiana the mother

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Her two sons were all the world for Diana. She desperately wanted that William and Harry could enjoy a lucky childhood. Naturally Diana accepted the obligations of the crown, because she knew that William would become 'King of England' one day. But for all that, the childhood could never be ignored. She wanted that William becomes a 'King of the people' one day. William should learn to know the differences between rich and poor, luck and misery, health and illness. Diana was a very affectionately mother, who could give a lot of love, security and warmth. Her relationship to her sons was full of honesty and confidence. They all could talk with one to another about life, luck and suffering. Naturally Diana also could be strict to her children. If they did not want to hear, she gave out television prohibition. But soon they reconciled among themselves. The children never went to bed, without to have gotten along with her. Dianaís sons should not become 'snobs'. They always should remain natural, even if they lived in a castle or spent their holidays in luxury hotels. Therefore Diana often took her children to dates with social themes. They should know, life isnít all beer and skittles. "It is our task to bring light in the darkens of this world," Diana once said to her sons.



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