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Letters written by Diana

Gliding effortlessly across the White House ballroom with John Travolta, or performing a pas de deux with Wayne Sleep, she always looked the picture of elegance.

But according to the late Princess of Wales herself, she was a far from graceful mover.

In previously unseen letters, a teenage Diana admits: ‘Watching me dance is like watching an elephant.’

The four letters will be among 75 royal lots auctioned later this month and could fetch more than £10,000.

In them, Diana talks of her love for Prince Charles, her excitement at her forthcoming wedding, and her first pregnancy with Prince William.

In one handwritten letter to former nanny Mary Clarke, sent from the Spencer family home at Althorp in 1978, a 17-year-old Diana writes: ‘My love of my life is dancing, things like  tap, modern, ballet and jazz.

‘Also I love singing, even though my voice sounds awful, and watching me dance is like watching an elephant...’

In another, written from Buckingham Palace two weeks before her wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral in 1981, Diana says: ‘Not long to go now and about time too!

‘Six months of being engaged is quite something and definitely to be avoided. All the family in complete overdrive!’

Diana also recounts a visit to her family home with Prince Charles. ‘I took him to Althorp for the w/e which was alright, except that in our short stay we managed to break two smart chairs and a glass window.’

In a reference to her frosty relationship with her stepmother Countess Spencer, she adds: ‘Raine didn’t know how to take that!’

Mrs Clarke, 58, who now schools Arab stallions near her Norfolk home, said yesterday: ‘It will be a wrench to let the letters go but I will always have my memories of Diana.

'But those memories are tinged with sadness because her dreams were completely shattered.’

Colchester-based auctioneers Reeman Dansie will sell Diana’s letters on September 30.




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