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Last Love

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Mohammed, father of Dodi, invited the Princess on 3rd July 1997 for a holiday in Saint Tropez. Diana agreed in this invitation a few days later. On July 11th Diana flew with both of her sons to the mansion Castel Ste-Thérèse. Diana and her sons spent a lovely time at the beach. Of course photographers where there, too. They shot beautiful pictures – Diana and the boys on jet ski, on board of the luxurious yacht Jonikal. Both families got along very well. The world saw of course pictures of Dodi and Di as well. Just a few days after this holiday Dodi invited Diana on a weekend trip to Paris. They decided to set sail again. Secretly the photographer Mario Brenner followed them. He was able to take the sensational pictures of the kiss. But despite of that – the couple were on their own. At about 10 o’clock they got up and had breakfast, with that they had a look on the newspaper. While Dodi had to work, Diana read a book. They swam a lot in the sea, sun bathed on deck or phoned. In the evenings they had supper in a romantic candle light setting. Their talking was always active. On August 6th their trip ended. And the world got to know about the Princess new romance. From now on the couple was chased merciless from the press. After the Princess returned from her trip to Bosnia the couple spend barbecue evenings in Oxted – a family country estate of the Al Fayeds. They went to the cinema or Dianas fortune-teller. The only downer was the claim of indemnity from Dodis Ex- fiancé Kelly Fisher through the press. On 21st August the couple headed towards Saint Tropez again. The days on board where similar to them on the trip before. But they know where always surrounded by boats with the press on board. The Photographers became very disrespectful. They even tried to take pictures of Dodi and Di inside the yacht. The crew had to shield their privacy. Despite of the press the couple went off board. Even though it seemed as if the princess was in a good mood she felt very harassed and once she cried. It was planned to head back to London after this journey. But Dodi had the idea to have a short stay in Paris. An idea which had fatal consequences. …



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