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Intimate images of Princess Diana - Colin Edwards - Intimate images of Princess Diana

Intimate images of the Royal Family revealed - including a young Diana and carefree Queen.

Royalist Colin Edwards, 73, has spent five decades following the family
Mr Edwards, from Ruthin, Wales, fell in love with the Royal Family aged just 12

An amateur photographer who has spent more than 50 years photographing the Royal Family has released his remarkably intimate images for the first time. Ardent royalist Colin Edwards, 73, from Ruthin, North Wales, has spent five decades following the family, spending thousands of pounds and clocking up countless miles on his quest. His one-man mission is now being recognised in a book which will for the first time reveal his amazing images of the The Queen, Queen Mother and Diana Princess of Wales, among others. The photographer's pictures speak of an intimacy and trust between he and his royal subjects.A smiling Queen, the breathtaking beauty of a young Diana and the stalwart last days of the Queen Mother are all captured in his work.The incredible record will now be available for the first time in the upcoming book A Personal Portrait of The Royal Family, released by Candy Jar Books on April 10. Colin said his passion for the Royal’s began when he was aged just 12 on June 2, 1953, with Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.His style is a far cry from typical paparazzi snapshots, as he captures a natural, softer side of the Royal Family. The pictures are interspersed with delightful anecdotes in which he recalls his personal experiences with the Royal family. These moments include the first time Diana, Princess of Wales, addressed him by name, and his delight at the Queen Mother attending one of his photography exhibitions.Colin has never kept a diary but said he has been blessed with a fantastic memory and, with the aid of his photographs, he has been able to record his royal memoirs. He said: 'I never expected that my experiences would be turned into a book, so it never occurred to me to write anything down. 'I just want people, royalists like myself, to enjoy it.'

A Personal Portrait of The Royal Family is out now and also contains selected images of Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. It can be ordered from the Candy Jar Books website:

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