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Princess Diana was gangsta with her clothes - Princess Diana was gangsta with her clothes

'Princess Diana was gangsta with her clothes! I loved everything she wore': As Rihanna hails Lady Diana as her fashion icon.

Pop star has said she loved 'everything' Princess Diana wore
She's copied her style on more than one occasion

One was the people's princess, the other is the reigning princess of pop. But it seems the late Diana and superstar Rihanna have more in common than a title. Princess Diana was as well known for philanthropy and kindness as she was for her unerring sense of style. She's influenced millions of women worldwide - and now it's been revealed the chart-topping singer is one of them. Rihanna, 25, has hailed the late Princess of Wales as her biggest fashion inspiration, praising her often unconventional yet on-point sense of style. Speaking to Glamour magazine, the popstar said: 'You know who is the best who ever did it? Princess Diana. Every look was right. She was gangsta [sic] with her clothes. She had these crazy hats. She got oversize jackets. I loved everything she wore.' And it seems that not only did Rihanna love the late Princess's wardrobe, she has set about channelling the Royal in her sartorial style choices.

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