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Diana and the press

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Princess Diana was the most photographed woman of the world. Can you imagine what it is like being photographed all the time? But sometimes Diana enjoyed being in the limelight. She was so much admired, loved so much. She was very attractive, and had a perfect figure. She was definitely able to show herselve in public. Who would not enjoy that. But there were also many moments when the princess hated the paparazzi following her all the time. Outside of her palace she never was alone. Photographers were following her all the time. About each meeting with friends, each visit to the health club, each day on vacation, there was a report to be found in the papers the following day. Even when making private phone conversations, there were rumours that these phone calls were being bugged. Sometimes she simply could not bear being besieged by reporters. Then she tried to escape from them by running. There were also scenes when she went to the journalists asking them to be left alone. Often enough Diana was also using the press. If they were following her all the time anyway, they could as well be present when she wanted to draw attention to the suffering and to the problems of the world.



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