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Diana and menDiana and men

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The Princess of Wales had always been dreaming of a marriage that lasted. She never wanted to get divorced, but fight for love. But sadly, it all happened differently. At some stage her husband returned to his long-time mistress Camilla. But Diana also longed for love. She was a young, attractive woman. She could not and did not want to remain alone any longer. Diana put an eye on her bodyguard Barry Mannakee, he got fired from Charles not long after that later he died in an motorbike accident. Then she met the riding instructor James Hewitt who was supposed to teach her children and herself how to ride. He took her seriously and cared for her. She fell in love with him and started a secret romance with him. But this relationship did not last long. Later on, the riding instructor made shameless use of his affair with Diana. He published details (true or untrue) about their affair in the book Princess in Love. How disappointed must Diana have been? After her separation from Prince Charles there were many rumours about affairs of the princess. There were articles about her scandals because some of these alleged men were married. How many relationships Diana really was in, nobody can tell. But even if: Diana was a woman and had a right to be happy. But in reality many of these affairs were only illusions of the press. Diana supposedly was very much in love with the heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. She admired his work and his intelligence. But some day, the heart surgeon left her. Diana was very disappointed and the separation was very hard for her. Some months later Diana started an affair with Dodi Al Fayed. He spoiled her very much, and they spent quite a few short trips together. Diana showed her love in public. For the press this was a sensation. Sadly, this romance was doomed to end in tragedy. There are some credible statements that not Dodi was the last great love of Diana, but that in reality, she still missed Hasnat Khan very much. Here are some small stories, most of which appeared in the press:

Barry Mannakee:

On 05.09.2004 a video has been published in which the Princess admitted that she had been the mistress of Barry Mannakee. This relationship is ought to be the first extramarital of Diana. Charles fired him because of that relationship to Diana. Barry Mannakee  died in an accident 1987. In the Video Diana says that her lover has been killed. Scotland Yard acquires this case.



James Hewitt:

Diana actually had an affair with him. He was her riding instructor and she fell in love with him. Later on he exploited their relationship shamelessly. He sold a book about their love affair. In England he was only called the rat.



James Gilbey:

He was a long-term friend of Diana. Both led the infamous Squidgey gate phone conversation. But Diana said about him later on: "He is only a good friend."



Philip Dunne:

He is also supposed to have had an adulterous love affair with the princess.



Stephen Twigg:

The masseur told the press himself how he had intimately massaged Diana.



William van Straubenzee:

Diana and he were friends. But it is doubtful that there was more than just friendship.



Oliver Hoare:

He was a common friend of Diana and Charles. The press exploited their relationship in 1994. There were speculations that Diana was mad and had terrorized Hoare with innumerable phone calls. Diana cleared up the matter personally. In reality someone else had used her telephones to call Oliver Hoare. The press was supposed to bring Diana down.



Ted Forstman:

Diana often met him in summers 94 and 95. The newspapers already reported news of a planned marriage.



David Tang:

Diana travelled with David in 1995. Of course there were rumours about an affair here, but no evidence.



Christopher Walley:

They met a few times for dinner, but only the press told the world about a romance.



Hasnat Khan:

Diana supposedly was very much in love with Hasnat. They separated because he was not able to bear the public attention any longer. After the separation Diana was said to have missed him a lot.



Dodi Al Fayed:

He was the last man in Diana’s life. Dodi and Diana died on the 31/08/1997. Diana allowed the public to take part in this love affair.



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