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Dianas and her sense of humourDiana and humor

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Did Princess Diana have a sense of humour? Oh yes, she did. She was able to laugh about jokes so heartily. Her sense of humour was a very soft one. She always had a saying ready in mind in order to entertain her fellow men. But when doing this she was never hurtful. But sometimes she also made jokes about herself. In an interview she once said: “I will now try to hold my speech. I will save my nervous-breakdown for later on then.” Or she made herself appear low in saying: “My brain is as big as a pea.” In reality everybody knew that the princess was very intelligent. Of course she also had black humour, as for instance in the BBC-interview: “There were three of us in our marriage! So it often was a bit crowded.” When discussing Camilla, she only called her ”the Rottweiler”. But who could blame her for doing this? Her Butler Paul Burrell once said: „ This contaminous giggling – that is how I will remember her best."




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