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Diana and her friends

Diana always was an open minded person. During her school time she was very liked by her school fellows and she had lots of friends. With her best girl friends Sophie Kimball, Anne Bolton, Virginia Pitman and Carolyn Bartholomew she lived in a shared flat. Even after her wedding to Prince Charles she stayed in contact with them. A few years later Carolyn encouraged and helped Diana to be treated by an doctor with her eating disorder. A deep friendship Diana started with Sarah Ferguson, they got to know each other 1981 during a polo game. A few years later Sarah accompanied Diana to a horse race, here she met Prince Andrew. As Sarah and Andrew got married Diana  was happy. At last she had an confederate within the firm royally. Sarah comforted Diana to let her hair down and they both had - with offence of the Queen- much fun together. Diana broke the friendship after Sarah got divorced and published a book with private details of Diana. Her reliance on Sarah broke. A good relationship bond Diana and Lucia de Lima, they met 1991 in Brazil. She was a lot older than Diana and a good listener. She supported Diana and they met regularly even though Lucia moved to America later. Because of Lucia, Diana met Rosa Monchton this also grew to a real friendship.  When Rosa had a miscarriage Diana offered her a grave for the baby in the gardens of Kensington Palace. Diana loved to meet with Annabel Goldsmith for supper in the city. Diana also invited her round with her sons. Both loved to chat and to laugh hearty with each other. Elsa Bowker, who was over 80 years old to that time, had a special role for Diana. She was a kind of a mother for her. Diana had a strong reliance to her. Elsa was there for Diana, always. As the ‘Princess of Wales’ Diana met a lot of people. She started some friendships to celebrities, for example to Elton John or Luciano Pavarotti. But she also had a lot of friendships to people who where not popular.




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