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Diana and beautyDiana and beauty

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When she got out of bed in the morning Diana certainly looked sweetly touseled, but she was not a perfect natural beauty. Her hair lay here and there, her eyes were a little bit small - and sometimes even a little swollen. And because the Princess was very vain, she got used to a ritual morning programme from the start of her marriage to Charles. The first step led her to the bathroom under the icecold shower. With alternating streams Diana stimulated her circulation and massaged her skin at the same time with a bath mitt made from raw silk until she was completely rosy. Without drying herself beforehand she massaged almond oil onto her skin. Then she slipped into a towelling gown and wore a very creamy lotion thickly on her face. She left out her eye area. When her lids were swollen she laid lukewarm teabags over her eyes. Apart from this she chose a vitamin gel for the sensitive eye zone. At least once a week Diana used a curd cheese and oil mask which she made herself. She spread this concoction over her face and washed it off after fifteen minutes using tissues soaked in camomile tea. The Princess of Wales owned countless amounts of cosmetics. For every new dress she bought the matching lipstick, nailvarnish and pots of rouge. Yet she mostly only used very few products: a coverstick for the eye region, a light foundation, transparent powder, rouge, mascara and lipstick. "If Diana was in a hurry, she could be ready in less than twenty minutes" her chambermaids said. With her hairstyle she also didn't make a lot of effort. A little mousse combed into damp hair, dried using a hairdrier and then styled with the help of five curlers. Diana's beauty programme looked completely different if she took an evening engagement seriously. Then she booked her hairdresser and a beauty artist did her make-up. But she actually liked her sporty-natural look the best. In any case, to remove make-up the Princess didn't use any expensive products. She poured a little amount of simple baby oil onto a tissue and removed her make-up with this.



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