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A sportswomenA sportswoman

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Princess Diana was very sportive. She did sports on a daily basis. On the one hand she just wanted to stay fit and keep her figure. But on the other hand her health was very important to her, because she knew: Somebody who exercises on a daily basis, who starts to sweat once a day, leads the healthier life. Already as a child and as a young girl, Diana had loved ballet. “When I am older, I will be a dancer” she once said. But then she grew too tall and had to bury her dreams. She discovered aerobics, a fitness training, as a replacement. She had also enjoyed swimming since her childhood and when grown up she also tried to do her laps every morning in the swimming-pool. Always when on a summer vacation with William and Harry she enjoyed jumping into the water with her sons and having swim races with her boys. Many Londoners still remember seeing the princess jogging through London’s streets and parks and even saying hello to passer-bys on the left and on the right hand side. She also raced along the streets of London on her inline-skaters. Diana enjoyed playing tennis, and she was a good skier, too, who with her beloved sons laughingly rode the ski slopes of her holiday place Klosters. But she hated horse riding. Diana had once fallen off a horse and was afraid ever since. But despite of that she took lessons. She just was a sportive woman.




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