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A life for the crownA life for the coronet

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The shy kindergarten teacher Lady Diana Spencer very soon turned into the most attractive advertisement for the British royal family. When Diana married her prince, the interest of the public was huge already. Around 750 million viewers were watching this event on television. Diana, who supported many charities, had won the people’s hearts with her involvement for Aids sufferers, the handicapped, the homeless etc. Diana tried her best to get along with her royalty duties. She chased from occasion to occasion. Her passion were the people who really needed her help. But She also had to attend the boring banquettes, inductions an so on. Diana loved it to be with “normal” people more than to be with the posh who only looked at wealth and partys. It didn’t matter which problems Diana had to solve with in her private live – she always smiled. No one should tense her sadness. “I didn’t want to disappoint anyone”. A lot of times she had to leave her kids with the nanny, sometimes even on birthdays. That broke her inside. But the Crown always was first and it was her task, her duty as the Princess of Wales. When Diana retired from public life in December 1993, the public reacted with aversion. Nobody wanted to let Diana go. Just after a few month the people had their Princess back. Also after the divorce of the royal couple, Diana remained the star of the house of Windsor. Now, Diana fought for the people without a royal crown. And she was very successful, becoming the Queen of Hearts.



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